Koen Van Laere

Koen is presently working as company director at the Borval company.

This company is specialised in the production of individually packaged wet wipes such as spectacle wipes, lemon wipes, etc.

In 2013, he started brewing beer with his childhood neighbour and friend Dimitri.

Though they succeeded, there was a lack of knowledge. What happens, why does it happen and importantly, how can we influence the taste, etc.

With these factors in mind, they decided to follow a brewing course.

On account of Koen's technical training and because of the fact that the production of cosmetic products (what these lemon wipes actually are anyhow) shows great similarities with food in terms of legislation and requirements, it turned out that Koen already had quite a bit of experience that was useful when applied to brewing beer:


that covered both the household installation that we developed in order to come up with a good recipe and know-how in terms of running a complete brewery.

Koen also takes care of the bookkeeping within The Ministry of Belgian Beer.

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