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From a technical point of view, 13 is a pilsner.
Brewed as a pilsner, with the ingredients of a pilsner.

The big difference is found in the purity of the ingredients.

13 is a 100% craft pilsner, unfiltered and unpasteurised, made from Belgian hops, Belgian barley, water and some yeast.

So we do not add sugar, maize, rice or other additives.

We worked on our brew for two years to achieve that perfect taste. With the 13th brew, we really hit the bullseye.

Hence the name 13.

A powerful name, a special number for an exceptional beer: among contemporary Belgian pilsners, 13 is definitely something out of the ordinary!

13 is a hip pilsner with a pure and full flavour that contains only 4.0% alcohol. It is described as traditionally brewed, tasteful, contemporary, pure, rock & roll, bitter green, not for grenadine lovers, …

in the bottle

Bottles of 25cl & 75cl (only for export 33cl)

Not refermented
in the bottle

Bottles of 25cl & 20 litre barrels

Fresh hop 13

Bottles of 25cl & 20 litre barrels


Tins and barrels


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The Ministry Of Belgian Beer
Dimitri Messiaen & Koen Van Laere

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